I have never seen such a powerful woman .. Varma satires on Anchor Devi

Ram Gopal Varma is the name of the movie celebrity who is always in the news with some kind of comments and conflicts. Telugu people do not want to know anything special about this Sensational and Controversial Director. RGV, who is active on social media, has recently been found to be breaking news. No longer did he react in his own sense. Do you know the news that Varma got so far? Conflict between hero Vishwak Sen and TV9 anchor Devi.

The prank video that was part of Arjuna’s wedding film promotion program in Ashokavanam has become a controversy. TV9 anchor Devi in ​​the ensuing TV debate program .. Everyone knows the war of words between the hero Vishwak Sen. The insult to Vishwak Sen that the anchor who lost his temper got out .. and the use of the obscene word ‘Fa’ for it live has been circulating on all social media. The video of the clash between Vishwak Sen and TV9 Devi is circulating on social media.

Anchor Devi – Vishwak Sen.

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma reacted to the video on social media. Verma laid satires on Anchor Devi in ​​his own style. ‘I have never seen a woman more powerful than a man. She is not inferior to Sarkar, ”RGV said sarcastically. Ram Gopal Varma’s Ishtam is currently busy releasing on May 6. It remains to be seen what kind of controversies will arise for his film.