I give hints to trollers.. Manchu Lakshmi who does not back down

Tollywood actress Manchu Lakshmi once again responded to the trolls and memes coming at her. Her movie ‘Monster’ released on October 21. While Mohanlal played the lead character in that movie, Manchu Lakshmi also played the role of ‘Manju Durga’. Netizens also said that Manchu Lakshmi acted well in this role which has scope for acting. Recently this movie has come in OTT. Monster Movie is streaming on Hotstar.

Speaking about this film directed by Vyasak, Manchu Lakshmi remembered the shooting. Manchu Lakshmi said that she used to energetically go to the shooting to play the dull role of ‘Manju Durga’ in the film. So the people on the set would tell you to practice being dull. Manchu Lakshmi remembers that it took some time to fully understand the character. She is currently working in Gambler, Agni Nakshatra and Mahila Lokam.

Manchu Lakshmi, who spoke about Mohanlal’s acting, said that she was fed up with the experiments he did with characters in his films. She revealed that during the shooting of Monster movie, she told me that I want to do at least one movie with you in a year. While Manchu Lakshmi is doing movies on one hand, she is also doing TV shows on the other hand.

Manchu Lakshmi has been getting a lot of trolls for some time now. Whatever Manchu Lakshmi says, netizens make trolls and memes on it. But recently Manchu Lakshmi said that those trolls have reduced. Manchu Lakshmi also revealed another interesting thing at the end. She regularly gives hints to trollers.. She revealed that she enjoys seeing the trolls coming based on those hints. It is known that recently Manchu Vishnu has become serious about these trolls. Manchu Vishna said that a person in the industry is trolling his family after setting up an office. He also said that action will be taken against him.

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