I didn’t think they would show so much love to RRR.. Rajamouli’s interesting comments

Rajamouli’s RRR film did not create any big records in terms of collections. Baahubali records are intact. KGIF Chapter 2 however played more than RRR in Hindi. But the Western audience has showered immense praise on RRR’s movie. At the same time some people also made negative comments saying it was a gay movie.

Rajamouli recently participated in Torrent International Film Festival. In this sequence, RRR reacted on the film, on its success and on the reaction of the Western audience. Rajamouli expressed his happiness saying that he did not think that the original RRR would be such a big success, that the western audience would shower so much love and they would like it so much. We mostly make films for the Indian audience only. But Baahubali movie did well in Japan too. Connected to them there.

That’s when I realized that my films and stories will cross borders. With Baahubali doing so well in Japan.. we understand that their sensibilities are close to ours. Now how will the Eastern audience receive my films? I thought that. I didn’t think the western audience would show so much love for RRR. It started from one…hundreds, thousands, many story writers, directors and critics have also praised it. I am still trying to understand the sensibilities’ said Rajamouli.

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