I am setting up a hospital.. I have the power to build it alone.. Chiranjeevi has changed

Chiranjeevi recently made a statement. With this announcement, not only the mega fans but also all the workers in the film industry doubled the happiness. So far there have been many news that Chiranjeevi Hospital is going to be built in Chitrapuri Colony. But now it seems to have materialized. To this extent, the announcement made by Chiranjeevi at the cricket carnival event and jersey launching program is now moving everyone.

‘I came up with the idea of ​​building a hospital in Chitrapuri Colony. How to take it forward from the moment it arrives? I was thinking that. I want to build a ten-bed hospital. I want to build a colony in Chitrapuri so that BPL families and their workers can meet their daily needs without going to big hospitals. All the big doctors are also my friends. I can do this with their help. This is not all the satisfaction that comes from doing it.

Thanks to all my brothers and sisters who helped me with this idea. I want to build this hospital in the name of my father’s name Konidela Venkatarao. I promise to start it on this birthday… I will ensure that its services start before next birthday. No matter how many crores it costs, no matter if I become a partner, I will happily give them the same happiness and feeling.. Or I have the power to bear the entire cost.. God has given it to me.. I want to be useful to our workers who are directly and indirectly responsible for our growth.” Megastar said.

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