HIT 2 Trailer: ‘HIT 2’ as a seat-edge crime thriller… Impressive trailer

Is the rice cooked..or not? We often hear the saying that it only takes a pinch to see. Applying it to movies, some people see the movie trailer and it hits.. fatta! They say. Many people will get the same feeling if they see the HIT 2 trailer that has been released now. Adivi Sesh is the hero of the film ‘Hit 2 – The Second Case’. Adivi Sesh played the role of KD, a police officer who is a cool cop in the Homicide Intervention Team. Hit 2 will be released worldwide on December 2 (HIT 2 Release date).

The film unit released the trailer of Hit 2 on Wednesday (November 23). So far, the unit has told us about how the movie will be with the teaser. Now with the released trailer these expectations have reached the next range. A serial murdering psycho thriller.. targeting girls. Who he is is hidden as an interesting thing in the movie. But a small clue about what the killer will be like has been revealed and created interest.

If you watch the trailer, you can understand that Adivi Sesh, a police officer, provokes the psycho-thriller. The movie is touted as an edge-of-the-seat crime thriller, which can be understood by watching the trailer. Those who have seen the trailer say that if the suspense is maintained till the end, the movie will definitely be a hit.

‘Hit 2’ is a film directed by Sailesh Kolanu starring Adivi Sesh as the hero. Shailesh, who impressed with the movie Hit The First Case, is once again bringing a perfect investigation thriller to the audience with Hit 2 The Second Case. Meenakshi Chaudhary acted opposite Adivi Sesh. Rao Ramesh, Srinath Maganti, Komali Prasad and others acted in key roles. Natural star Nani turned producer and produced the film on Wall Poster Cinema along with Prashanthi Tripirneni. The teaser of the already released romantic song has received a good response.

HIT 2 Trailer: ‘Hit 2’ trailer.. A scary psycho thriller

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