HBD Anshu Malika : Dear Anshu.. You are not my daughter!.. Roja’s emotional post

Roja Selvamani-Anshu Malika Film actress, YCP Minister Roja Selvamani needs no special introduction. As beautiful and fun as it is on the screen, it is emerging as a fire brand in politics. Until recently, Roja, who spread laughter as a Jabardast judge, is now serving as a minister in AP. But Roja always posts about her family on the net. And Roja spoke highly of her daughter Anshu Malika many times on many platforms.

Anshu Malika grew very tall at a young age. Writing books. It is receiving awards and rewards at the global level. Anshu Malika takes the lead in providing whatever help she can. O is reading two. Roja is very proud while talking about her daughter like this.

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Today (September 10) is Anshu Malika’s birthday. In this order Roja showered her love on Anshu. ‘Dear Anshu.. You are not my daughter.. You are a good friend.. Thank you for understanding me so much.. Happy birthday Anshu.’ Roja celebrates her birthday in a grand manner every year. They go to restaurants. Celebrating the birthday in the presence of family and friends. But this time Roja doesn’t seem to get that much time. This is how she simply wished her daughter.

There is always a rumor about Anshu Malika’s film entry. But Roja has never directly responded about Anshu’s film entry.

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