Gorantla Madhav Video: Cheechi.. What is the work of the hour, Aranganta? It’s a black day for India: Prithvi fires on MP

MP Gorantla Madhav (Gorantla Madhav Video) audio call affair becomes a hot topic in political circles. When a video of a woman talking naked on a video call came out, there was an uproar. But if the MP says that the video has been morphed, satires are being blasted on the social media. In this context, former YCP leader and former chairman of SVBC, comedian Prithvi responded.. broke in his own style. This is a black day in the history of India.. Chichi has never seen poverty like this before.. Comedian Prithvi demanded immediate action against Gorantla Madhav.

Participating in a popular channel’s discussion forum, he said, ‘When I was the chairman of SVBC, I did not do things normally. The secrets of the country’s defense were sold in such a rush. Now if you see the MP Gorantla Madhan incident.. the poverty that even men hate.. the misfortune of becoming an MP.. this is a black day in the history of India.

It is also a black day in the history of Andhra Pradesh. Once in Parliament, the great man spoke very highly of NTR. Now they are talking about this poverty.. wretchedness.. Chee Chee.

Ambati Rambabu.. He says an hour.. Another minister Suguna says half an hour. The YCP people complimented me that I am talking great and said that this is who Prithvi is. After crossing the boat, they pushed me aside.

As the president of a party.. As the chief minister of the state he has the responsibility to protect the dignity of the state.. the whole world is waiting for what action will be taken against that MP. He should be disqualified.. Raghuramaraju is trampling and leaving. It is an indelible mark in the 75-year history of the Indian Parliament. Nowhere in the world is this poor. Is an MP of Parliament so poor? They are asking. Let’s see what they have to answer to this. On this occasion, I want to say only one thing to the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.. First suspend that MP. Banish from the party. Comedian Prithvi was fired in a range saying that their sin is ripe.. People will answer them.

Meanwhile, satires are exploding that Prithvi’s reaction to Madhav’s affair is like hatching a baby. Being the responsible chairman of SVBC.. saying obscenely that he would grab a female employee from behind.. Prithvi, who was caught in the crosshairs, is now satirized that both of them have had enough of calling Gorantla Madhav chee chee.

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