Gopichand: I am nothing without your love.. Gopichand’s emotional post

Macho star Gopichand was introduced as a Tollywood industry hero with the first film Valapu. As the result of that movie was disappointing, he played villain roles in movies like Jayam, Najaj, Varsham and impressed the audience. After that he got a super hit with the movie Yagnam as a hero. He impressed the Telugu audience with hit movies like Ranam, Mishima, Golimar, Saasaham and Laukyam. Although he entered the industry as the son of T.Krishna, Gopichand earned his own fan base with his acting and became known as a talent hero. On the occasion of his 21 years in the industry, the macho star posted a post on social media.

I have been in the film industry for 21 years. Thank you for everything I have learned in this film journey. I would not be where I am today without all of your love and support. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey…’ Gopichand tweeted. Fans are congratulating the macho star on this occasion. Some want to do a movie with Rebel Star Prabhas again.

But a series of flops disappointed Gopichand’s fans. The macho star is not able to please the audience without a proper hit for the past few years. After the super hit of the movie ‘Laukyam’, no other movie played to such an extent that it was Gopichand’s movie. Even though ‘Gautam Nanda’ was an average film, it was not enough for Gopichand’s stamina.

After that all the flops in a row again greeted. Recently, with the movie ‘Pakka Commercial’, Pakkaga came to hit the industry, but the result was disappointing at the box office. Gopichand, who is currently doing a movie directed by Srivasu, fans want him to make a comeback with this movie. The title of this film has not been fixed yet.

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