Golisoda : Jinnah’s new poster viral.. Vishnu Manchu with so many people at once

Manchu Vishnu Jinnah’s movie is now getting a good hype. Since the release of the title poster, Jinnah’s name has been associated with some kind of controversy. Looks like Manchu Vishnu is going to make a lot of noise with Jinnah movie this time. But now there is an exciting update from Vishnu movie. Everyone knows how much Jinnah’s posters and videos are being trolled on the net.

As usual, any tweet by Manchu Vishnu gets counters. Everyone is trolling. If Manchu Vishnu posts, it will become a big discussion that day. And now there is an update from Jinnah saying Golisoda. Jinnah is going to release Golisoda, the first song from the movie.

Golisoda song is going to be released on September 19. A poster has been released to this effect. There are girls around. Vishnu dances with so many girls in this song. And it seems that people will be fed up with the combination of Payal Rajput and Vishnu.

After Jinnah, Manchu Vishnu seems to have put his projects on the line. He has already announced that he will do a film called Dhi 2 Double Dose with Srinu White. And so far no update has been given. After all, Manchu Vishnu was busy making his own films. On the other hand, he is also performing the duties of our president.

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