God Father: Nayantara’s romance with Chiranjeevi .. This is the role of Lady Superstar in Godfather ..

The South Indian superstar is once again opening up with megastar Chiranjeevi. The muddugumma, who played opposite Chiru in ‘Saira Narasimha Reddy’, is back as a megastar. It is known that Mohan Raja is making ‘Godfather’ movie as his 153th movie which is busy with a series of projects. Nayanthara has been confirmed as the main heroine in the upcoming remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Lucifer’. Director Mohan Raja, who has adapted the script of the film with minor changes to suit the Telugu Nativity, is taking special care of the casting. He wants to make a movie grand with big stars .. Nayantara has been selected for the role of Chief Minister’s daughter in this movie. To this extent she told this news to the mega fans as a birthday present. The makers have released an official poster stating that Nayan is going to be a part of their film. Before doing the role played by Manju Warrior in the original version. Coming as a different political action thriller, the film is being co-produced by RB Chowdhury and NV Prasad, presented by Konidela Surekha. While the music sensation Taman‌ is composing the lyrics for the film .. Neerav Shah is acting as the cinematographer. Another highlight of the film is the portrayal of Gangava as Chiranjeevi’s mother. As well as Tollywood, Kollywood is also part of the star cast from Bollywood. Mega fans have high expectations for this movie which is currently in the shooting stage.

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