God Father First Review: Bad review of God Father movie.. Fans uniting the reviewer

Do you know Umair Sandhu, who claims to be the overseas censor board, gives fake reviews and gets scolded by everyone on social media? He gives reviews on Twitter saying that he has seen the movies before everyone else.. He has seen the teasers. He became very popular on social media with fake tweets. He bit his tongue saying that he had seen movies like ‘Acharya’, ‘Radheshyam’, ‘Katamarayudu’, ‘Ajnathavasi’, ‘Spider’, ‘Saaho’, ‘Naperu Surya’ and ‘Beast’ before.

Manodu recently gave a review for the latest movie God Father starring Megastar Chiranjeevi. ‘Godfather first review from Censor Board.. Average movie made for B and C class masses. Old wine in a new bottle..! Please rest Chiranjeevi…’ he wrote. ‘Chiranjeevi needs solid scripts. Please get rid of such heroism and mass type characters. Don’t waste your talent on stupid scripts.. you are a mega star.. but the choice of script is not good. Godfather Movie Average.’ He posted another tweet saying.

With this, Megastar fans entered the field. Umair is attacking Sandhu with rock boots. They are cursing saying ‘Pig in the alley.. in the mud’. ‘Isn’t it like this the other day.. I saw the teaser of Adipurush before.. I was excited.. You said Blockbuster.. What happened when I saw it? They are giving advice saying ‘Stop fake reviews.’ They say, ‘Brother, you don’t have the experience to give advice to a megastar.. You need to grow up.’ ‘The video is a big fake.. Don’t believe anyone. He gives reviews as soon as he hears them..’

Fans have high hopes for the movie ‘Godfather’ which is coming in a political backdrop. After the Acharya movie disaster they are waiting for megastar blockbuster hit. They are firmly convinced that the deficit will be solved with ‘Godfather’. The audience will come forward on October 5. Even before its release, Umair Sandhu gave a fake review saying it was a Censor Board review and started a negative campaign. The fans are very angry with this.

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