Ginna Teaser : Sunny on one side, Payal on the other side and who will see me : Manchu Vishnu

vishnu manchu-ginna teaser Manchu Vishnu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone’s upcoming movie ‘Jinnah’. Ishaan Surya is the director of this film, which is being made under the banners of Ava Entertainment and 24 Frames Factory. The film is being made ambitiously with a huge cast and great technicians. G. Nageshwar Reddy provided the story for this film. Kona Venkat is acting as the creative producer along with providing the script. The makers have recently released the teaser from this movie.

Jinnah Teaser Ceremony was grandly held at AMB Cinemas in Hyderabad. Vishnu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone, Kona Venkat, Anup Rubens and others participated in this ceremony. The newly released teaser is particularly impressive. Vishnu’s dialogue diction is a special attraction. Although it looks like an action entertainer from the teaser, the thrilling elements at the end of the teaser are a surprise. After Dhee, Ready for Anything, the teaser makes us believe that Vishnu has the potential to achieve that level of success in his career.

During the release of the teaser, Vishnu said, ‘We used to make films for the love and admiration of the fans. Without the fans, we don’t exist. Jinnah is a movie close to my heart. It has many features. My golden mothers sang Ariana, Viriana. Big thanks for singing with them. If my father calls Kona Venkat as Babai, I call him Brother. Nageswara Reddy has a special place in my career. When I was down he gave me a super hit with ready for anything. Sunny did the finale before me in this film. But there was a fear of how Sunny would be received here. But Kona garu, father, known media friends voted for Sunny. After Srinu Vaytla who gave Dhi, director Surya impressed me a lot. I always wanted to work with Anoop. Done with this movie. I am proud to work with one of the greatest cinematographers of the country. When Payal is the heroine, Sunny on one side and Payal on the other, who will see me?’

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