Ginna Movie : Vishnu Manchu escaped from Dussehra.. ‘Ginna’ release date changed

Vishnu Manchu (Vishnu Manchu) played the title role in the latest movie ‘Ginna’. Ishaan Surya is the director of this film, which is being made under the banners of Ava Entertainment and 24 Frames Factory. Payal Rajput and Sunny Leone are the heroines. G.Nageshwar Reddy provided the story for this film. Kona Venkat acted as the creative producer along with providing the script. Earlier the makers thought to release this movie on October 5. But.. now the movie ‘Jinnah’ is going to be released on October 21, said the hero and producer Vishnu Manchu.

In a recent interview, Vishnu Manchu was asked about his confidence in releasing Jinnah’s film during the release of Chiranjeevi’s film God Father and Nagarjuna Akkineni’s The Ghost. Release date) is being released. While saying that the film will be in the genre of horror comedy, Vishnu said that the film will entertain the audience as an entertainer. Apart from that, the trailer of the movie will be released on October 5 (Ginna Trailer Date).

At the same time, Vishnu Manchu reacted strongly to those who were trolling his family. Manchu family has been targeted and trolled on social media since some years. A famous actor said that 21 employees are working for trolling him, he has collected the details and will soon report the details to the cyber police.

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