Gautham Menon told the story of Ye Maya Chesave to Mahesh

Mahesh Babu’s choice of movies seems strange at times. When Mahesh Babu says no, they go to other heroes and those films become hits at the box office. And Mahesh Babu does films that other heroes say no to, and they also flop. However, Mahesh Babu never seems to feel bad about his film decisions. Whether it’s a hit or a flop, he takes them all the same.

But he has a clear idea of ​​what kind of films he wants to make. That’s why she said no even when a soft love story like E Maya Kalave came. Director Gautham Menon recently revealed the events of the past. Currently Gautham Menon is busy as an actor rather than a director. Gautham is busy with Tamil and Malayalam films. Gautham Menon is rocking as the villain.

And now Gautham Menon once again made his mark as a director with Muthu. Gautham Menon shared many things as part of the promotions of this movie. He wanted to make the story of Maya Kalave in Tamil. But he wanted to tell this story to Mahesh Babu. He told Manju first. The story is good.. but will Mahesh pick it? Or? Manjula says that it is doubtful.

If you tell this story to Mahesh Babu..isn’t it a small story? That said. If Gautham Menon and Mahesh Babu are working together, the expectations will be different, won’t they? Mahesh Babu said to do any action story. Gautham Menon said that if Mahesh Babu had made that movie, it would have been a big movie. But if Mahesh Babu had played the role of Karthik as a boy who wanders around Jessie.. what would have been the result of the film. Netizens are commenting on this in various ways. Some people say that if Mahesh Babu had done that movie, it would have gone. Others say that if Mahesh Babu had done it, it would have remained a classic forever.

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