Former hero Raja who criticized movies on religious propaganda … Netizens uniting

Raja is one of the heroes who once made a name for himself as a hero by making films that appeal to family audiences. Formed under the direction of Shekhar Kammula, Anand Ayan has earned a very good reputation as a hero. He had previously acted in O Chinadana, and occasionally films also gave him a good reputation. Although Raja Palu later appeared in films as a hero, he did not achieve the expected level of success. He later became known not only as a hero but also as a character artist in many films.

Raja has completely distanced himself from movies in the meantime. He is a Christian and serves as a missionary. All this is also his personality. He can propagate any religion and there is nothing wrong with that. But now a video of him is going viral. Do you know what’s in that video yet! His films have been criticized by the tribe.

” The Friday morning show was about how long it would take. To watch the First Day First Show. But last day God shows me the movie Abbabba is going to be so awesome. Prayed. Do you benefit from watching dirty movies for that purpose .. Instead of standing in line for an hour and watching movies for three hours .. Pray for those four hours for peace in the world for your parents, blood relatives, your relatives. Raja says about the movies in it, “We are living without any movement as we are surrounded by so much evil. It is as if we have made a friendship with a villain.”

However, netizens are reacting in their own way to this video. ‘Now you are talking about having acted in up to 30 movies ..’ What is one acting bro. ‘If this acting is something you do in your movies, you’re on top,’ says another. Like this, netizens are ordering the actor Raja in their own style in a range.