Food for 70 thousand people.. Prabhas has a big heart

Everyone knows the hospitality of Prabhas. So many people have told us many times how the food of Baahubali is like. Bollywood stars, however, indulge in Baahubali meals. They jokingly say that Prabhas will kill us with rice like this. When Prabhas sends meals like that, they joke about what our diet should be. And he prepares it specially for everyone on the set.

Prabhas family has a passion for hospitality. It is known that Krishna Raj passed away last week. At that time, Prabhas’ family thought about those who came to see each other. She sent food to all who came. But now Krishnamraj memorial hall is being established in Mogalthur in Bhimavaram.

This program is being organized on a large scale. Prabhas will reach his hometown Bhimavaram on September 29. Prabhas family has decided to make food arrangements for 70 thousand people for Krishna Raj’s memorial service. This thing is now surprising everyone on the net.

It is said that this is a testimony of Prabhas’ big heart. I wonder if Rajula’s family is like this. And if Prabhas is in the pain of his uncle’s death, the national media is creating rumors without discretion. Kriti is writing crazy stories that Prabhas is in love with Sanan.

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