Even though Alluri didn’t want to do it, the scene changed when he heard the story: Srivishnu

Different characters.. something new in every movie.. Young hero Sree Vishnu (Sree Vishnu) is making his way in Tollywood choosing new stories instead of going in a stereotype. He is getting ready to entertain the audience as Alluri. He played the role of a police officer for the first time in this movie directed by Pradeep Varma. Kayadu Lohar acted as the heroine and was produced by Bekkem Venugopal. Sree Vishnu interacted with the media in the background of Alluri’s release in theaters on 23rd of this month. The features of this movie are shared.

Srivishnu said that he made this film inspired by Krishna’s dialogue in the climax of Alluri Seethamaraju’s film. There is a dialogue that if one Alluri dies, a hundred Alluris are born.. Our Alluri is one of those hundred people. I heard this story five years ago. It was already fixed that the police character should not be done. I thought I would say no after hearing the story. But after Pradeep Verma told me the full story, I found no reason to say no. I definitely decided to do this movie myself.

Even though my character in this is fictional, the film is based on the real life incidents of some police officers. In the movie Alluri, we have shown the good and bad in the police system. It also includes the remedy for evil. After playing a police character in this movie, respect for the police increased. I used to speak softly all these years… now I am trying to raise my voice a bit…’ said Srivishnu.

This young hero said that if you draw a giri and stay in it, you will get bored for a while. He said that he made the movie Alluri with the intention of taking a risk beyond the comfort zone. This movie is a pure mass movie.. There are no twists in it. He said that it will be understandable to the audience. He said that he is doing a film with a European production house soon. He said that this movie will be directed by a Telugu director.. All the popular actors will act in it. He said that the script work is currently going on.. Details will be revealed soon. Sree Vishnu said that after the Alluri movie, he did the same for three projects.

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