ED interrogated Vijay Deverakonda for 12 hours.. Skipped the answer to that question!

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) interrogated hero Vijay Deverakonda for about 12 hours regarding the investment of Ligar movie. This year, this Pan India movie under the direction of Puri Jagannath, which came amid huge expectations, has flopped at the box office. However, ED’s preliminary investigation has revealed that some politicians have invested in this Liger movie (Liger Movie funding).

In this background, ED has already interrogated Puri Jagannath, co-producer Charmi of Liger movie and recorded their statement. Recently, notices were also given to Vijay Devarakonda. It seems that the ED showered questions on him for about 12 hours on Wednesday. Vijay Devarakonda went to the ED office in the morning with his manager Anurag. There the investigation continued till night.

Who invested in the film? How much remuneration was given to whom? What is your remuneration? How much did the movie earn? It seems that the ED officials asked Vijay Devarakonda other questions. Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson also acted in this movie. It is reported that Vijay Devarakonda was also questioned about his remuneration.

After the investigation, Vijay Devarakonda spoke to the media in front of the ED office. “No matter how much you love.. Due to the popularity that comes with that love, some difficulties will also come. There are also some side effects. This is one of them. I was called.. I came in charge and answered the questions asked by them. They did not ask to come again. If you say more than this, they will feel it,” said Vijay Devarakonda. But.. in which case were you tried? When asked.. he skipped the answer.

There are reports that ED notices are also likely to be issued to Mike Tyson, who acted in this movie. But.. the American boxing legend responded.. Will ED come to trial? It is doubtful. Recently, Mike Tyson was seen in a wheelchair at Miami Airport. This former heavyweight champion has been suffering from sciatica problem for some time now. Due to that problem, he is experiencing extreme pain in his lower back and legs. Because of that, he sometimes has trouble even walking.

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