DJ Tillu-2 shooting is over.. Srileela out.. chance for that heroine..?

DJ Tillu (Dj Tillu) movie became a blockbuster hit after coming to the box office as a small movie. The dialogues spoken by Siddhu Jonnalagadda in this still resonate with the Nettinta tribe. Directed by Vimal Krishna, this movie has Neha Shetty as the heroine. Sidhu’s name changed to DJ Till after this movie. The audience liked this movie so much that they forgot his real name.

Good news for those who are waiting for DJ Tillu-2 part-2. The film team has started shooting for this movie. Pics related to the shooting of DJ Tillu-2 are going viral. Sidhu seems to have shot some scenes on Jonnalagadda. The shooting started at night time.

It is known that the director and heroine of this movie have changed. It will be directed by Mallik Ram, the director of ‘Naruda Donaruda’ and ‘Adbhutam’ movies, replacing Vimal Krishna. He shared a pic related to DJ Tillu-2. On the other hand, Neha Shetty, who acted as Radhika in Part-1, will make another heroine entry in the place. But the movie unit has not yet given clarity on who is coming. There was a campaign that Srileela was final. But due to some reasons she left this project. It seems that Anupama Parameswaran, who recently got a hit with the movie Karthikeya-2, has been selected. Even though it has been officially announced, there is a lot of publicity on social media.

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