Dimple Hayathi – What If IPS Officer.. Give Proof: Dimple Hayathi

Dimple Hayathi – What If IPS Officer.. Give Proof: Dimple Hayathi
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Heroine Dimple Hayathi said that a false case was filed against her to become an IPS officer and Hyderabad Traffic DCP Rahul Hegde. It is known that the quarrel between Dimple Hayati and DCP Rahul Hegde regarding the parking place of the car in the apartment where they are living came out today. Rahul Hegde says that Dimple Hayati dashed his official car which was parked and the right side of his car was damaged. Moreover, he also said that Dimple kicked his car with her foot and it was recorded on the CCTV camera.

In fact, if you look at the CCTV footage of the apartment, it is not clear that Dimple’s car hit the DCP’s car. Otherwise, Dimple’s car hit the traffic cones placed near the car. Moreover, Dimple is seen pushing the cones with her legs in the video. But Chetan Kumar, the driver of Rahul Hegde’s car, stated in his complaint to the Jubilee Hills police that Dimple hit the DCP’s car with his BMW and kicked him. However, Dimple Hayati finally responded to this complaint. To this extent, one of her audio tapes came out. Dimple is alleging that DCP used the power of authority to file a false case against her.

‘Tell me what I will do to those who have so many gunmen. They filed a false case against me. I will issue a statement to the press after taking legal action. I have never disturbed the duties of government officials. You have brought government property into private property (referring to cement blocks). How many IPS traffic police officers will they put up cones and barricades? They may have bumped into each other. If I had been hit, my car would have been damaged too. Let’s show the evidence. Dimple Hayati said in the audio, why these words?

Cement blocks in apartment cellar

True.. As DCP Rahul Hegde said, if Dimple Hayati had hit his car with her car, her car would also have been damaged. And what will be investigated by the police.. what kind of evidence will be shown in the court.. what kind of verdict will be given to Dimple in the court.

Meanwhile, Dimple Hayati is Telugu. Hometown: Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada. Earlier, Dimple had said that her father was from Tamil Nadu and her mother was from Vijayawada. However, he said that he grew up in Hyderabad. Dimple, a Kuchipudi dancer, entered the Telugu film industry in 2017. He was introduced to the Telugu audience through the movie ‘Gulf’. Also, acted in ‘Abhinetri 2’. And in the movie ‘Gaddalakonda Ganesh’, he danced to the song ‘Jarra Jarra’ and attracted everyone’s attention. Dimple, who played a full-length role as the heroine in the movie ‘Khiladi’, appeared opposite Gopichand in the movie ‘Ramabanam’ this year.

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