Dimple Hayathi: Two people broke into Dimple Hayathi’s house.. with a dog..!

Dimple Hayathi: Two people broke into Dimple Hayathi’s house.. with a dog..!
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The entry of two people into the house of heroine Dimple Hayathi caused a commotion. On Thursday morning, a young woman and another young man moved into Dimple Hayati’s flat in C2, SKR Enclave, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The maid suddenly saw you enter the house and inquired who you were. Meanwhile, the pet dog in the house went to them screaming. Both of them got scared and ran to the lift. The dog also chased them. The dog that went inside the elevator with them.. cried for a while and came out.

Actress Dimple Hayati, who received the information from the maid, immediately called dial 100 and complained. Jubilee Hills police immediately reached the spot and arrested the young women. They were taken to the police station. When they were interrogated there, they said that they came from Rajahmundry and were fans of Dimple. DCP driver filed a case against Dimple Hayati and said that they came to visit her. The police informed Dimple Hayati about the same. Dimple told the police to leave them. Both of them were identified by the police as Koppishetty Saibabu and his relative Sruthi. Both were given counseling and released.

Meanwhile, Dimple is staying with her friend Victor David in SKR Enclave. Dimple is having a fight with Traffic DCP Rahul Hegde, who lives in the same apartment, over parking space. In this order, DCP Rahul Hegde’s car driver Chetan Kumar and Dimple Hayati filed a complaint at Jubilee Hills Police Station. Chetan Kumar stated in the complaint that DCP Rahul Hegde rammed the official car with Dimple Hayati’s BMW and damaged the car. Moreover, it is also stated that Dimple Hayati kicked the car.

However, Dimple claims that the traffic cones placed across the DCP’s car in his parking place are coming. No.. DCP says that Dimple car is parked across his car. However, Rahul Hegde alleges that Dimple Hayati rammed his official car with her car and damaged the car. CCTV footage was also revealed. However, in this CCTV footage, Dimple Hayati’s car does not appear to have hit the DCP’s car. Dimple says that her car actually did not hit the DCP’s car. He has already announced that a false case has been filed against him.. he will settle it in court.

Her lawyer says that Dimple Hayati is very disturbed by this case. He said that Dimple is very scared and does not even want to come out of the house. They said that they are not able to answer the calls that are coming to her everyday and they are having a lot of trouble. He accused Jubilee Hills police of being in favor of the DCP and not paying attention to what they say. It is said that the DCP behaved indecently towards his client and spoke rudely. It is clear that all this will be resolved in the court.

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