Dil Raju: Dil Raju’s heir is so cute.. Producer family in Srivari Seva

Dil Raju: Dil Raju’s heir is so cute.. Producer family in Srivari Seva
Famous film producer Dil Raju visited Tirumala Srivenkateswara. Participated in Srivari Seva with family members during the offering break of Swami on Friday morning. Wife Tejaswini, son Anwai Reddy, brother Sirish and other family members paid their respects to the lord. Dil Raju’s son’s hair was offered to Swami. After darshan, Vedic scholars gave Vedic verses to them in Ranganayakula Mandapam. The temple officials presented the tirthaprasad to Srivari.

Reporters captured Dil Raju’s family on their cameras as they walked through the streets of Tirumala after the darshan. His son Anwai Reddy was a special attraction in Dil Raju’s family. The scenes of Dil Raju walking in the dark streets carrying his son are impressive. Dil Raju posed for the cameras with his wife and son. After that, they also took a group photo with the family. Devotees were interested in taking selfies with Dil Raju.

Dil Raju with his son

Speaking to the media outside the temple, Dil Raju said that he had come to visit Swami with his force. Our movie ‘Balagam’ was released last week. The audience in the Telugu states are raving about such a small film with great appreciation. This is the first movie from Dil Raju Productions. First movie produced by Harshit and Hansita. As the movie was a hit, we all came together to visit Swami. Thank you to the Telugu audience for making ‘Balagam’ such a big hit,” said Dil Raju.

Dil Raju also revealed the details about upcoming movies from Srivenkateswara Creations. ‘Sakunthalam’ is releasing worldwide on April 14 from our banner. It is also a pan India film. It will be another good film from our company. Also, Ram Charan and Shankar’s film is under production. Maa Ashish’s ‘Selfish’ is also under production. These three films will come this year. There is also a Tamil movie. We will announce in one or two months. Another project has also been finalized. Everything will be revealed officially’ said Dil Raju. It is known that Dil Raju married Tejaswini for the second time after the death of his first wife Anita. A son Anwai Reddy was born to this couple in July last year.

Produced by Dil Raju in Tirumala Srivari Seva

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