Dhruva Space founder Pawan Kalyan is a hardcore fan.. Nagababu congratulated

Dhruva Space, a Hyderabad-based spacetech startup company, has created history. Dhruva Space launched two nano satellites in collaboration with Indian Space Research Centre. Both these satellites successfully entered orbit. With this, Dhruva Space became the first Indian private company to send satellites into space. Telangana Chief Minister KCR congratulated Dhruva Spacetech Company for sending Tai Bolt 1 and Tai Bolt 2 nano satellites into orbit.

On the other hand, Mega Brother Nagababu, the leader of the Janasena Party, congratulated the co-founder and CFO Chaitanya Dora Soorapureddy on the occasion of Dhruva Space Tech’s great success. Nagababu congratulated Chaitanya Dora through Twitter.. On this occasion, he reminded Pawan Kalyan that he is a hardcore fan.

“Extremely happy to hear that Dhruva Space, a startup founded by Chaitanya Dora, has successfully launched two nano satellites with PSLV C54 mission on November 26 at 11:56 AM from Shaar, Sriharikota via their own Orbital Deployer. The satellites were successfully separated from the rocket. This made Dhruva Space the first Indian private satellite launch company. It works under the full orders of the Government of India,” Nagababu said in his tweet.

However, at the same time, Nagababu revealed another interesting thing in his tweet. I heard that you are a hardcore fan of Pawan Kalyan. I heard that you have taken inspiration from his mindset and hardworking philosophy, which never gives up until he achieves what he wants. Keep up your spirit. Wish you more success like this. “Jai Hind”, said Nagababu.

Meanwhile, this polar space startup started in ‘T-Hub’ is preparing to send more satellites into space in the future. Big satellites are also being prepared. Dhruva Space, which is running with 45 employees, will launch 100 to 200 micro satellites in the coming days, the company’s founders Abhay Egur and Chaitanya Dora have revealed.

On the other hand, ISRO scientists launched 9 satellites including two Thieboldt nano satellites belonging to the Polar Space Organization on Saturday. ISRO scientists launched the Oceansat satellite along with 8 nano satellites into orbit by PSLV-C54 from the first launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Center – Shaar in Tirupati district. These 8 nano satellites include Bhutan (INS-2B), Anand, Astrocast (four) and two Thibold satellites.

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