Dharma fight always wins! .. Poonam Kaur comments on Itala Rajender

How and when it reacts. Who makes comments on? Things don’t even make sense as to why he makes comments. The latest post and comment made by Poonam Kaur on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti has taken everyone by surprise. The victory in the Huzurabad by-poll is known to be historic. However, Poonam has recently responded to these elections and victories. Poonam Kaur specially met Ethela Rajender. Peace hoisted the dove with the spear Rajendra. The comments made by Poonam Kaur, who appeared in a white dress as a symbol of peace, are now going viral. Poonam Kaur, who specially met Ethela Rajendra, presented Ek Omkar, a sacred symbol of her religion, on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti. Ethela Rajender reacted to the victory as if the war of Dharma would always win. With the repeal of the peasant laws it seemed that freedom and independence had come again. Poonam Kaur said that pigeons, a symbol of peace, should not be left like this. Baba Nanak will always bless those who are committed, committed and good. He is my faith, my belief that he is around me and protects me. Will Poonam Kaur join BJP? Are commenting.

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