Dhanush has the same problem again .. The High Court issued the summons

Along with Kollywood, Dhanush is one of the very few heroes known to Tollywood and Bollywood audiences. He is currently busy acting in Telugu-Tamil language films with Tamil films. However, a legal issue that was supposed to be over has started again. Brought a new headache to Dhanush. The court issued summons to Dhanush as part of this legal issue. If you go into the details of what actually happened .. It is known that Dhanush was our son and in 2016 in the Melur court in Madurai, Kathyseren and Meenakshi filed a case.

They said in the case that Dhanush had left home with an interest in movies. Apart from that, they demanded Rs 65,000 compensation from Dhanush. Dhanush Birth Certificate, Physical Identification, 10th Generation Memo were also submitted. Finally, Dhanush underwent medical tests as per court orders. These reports were in favor of Dhanush. In 2020, the Melur court dismissed the case. However, Kathiseer and Meenakshi have approached the Madras High Court. They have now asked the police to investigate with the evidence provided by Dhanush. The Madras High Court has issued summons seeking an explanation from Hero Dhanush in this regard.

Dhanush Issue

Dhanush also responded to the case. He said that he was falsely accused of extorting money from him and that he was the son of Kasturi Raja and Vijaya Lakshmi. Now that Kathiseran and Meenakshi have approached the High Court, it remains to be seen how the Dhanush case will proceed.