Dhamaka Twitter Review: Ravi Teja who made people cry with comedy.. Original twist in the climax

Dhamaka Twitter Review: Ravi Teja who made people cry with comedy.. Original twist in the climax
The movie ‘Dhamaka’ starring Raviteja and Sreeleela has huge expectations before its release. All those who have seen Ravi Teja’s energy in the songs and teasers are of the opinion that they are reminded of the films ‘Venky, Dubai Srinu’. Meanwhile, it is known that the combination of director Trinatha Rao and writer Prasanna Kumar, who is good at dealing entertainment movies, is full meals entertainment. Are the fans who went to the theater expecting vintage Ravi Teja satisfied with the movie ‘Dhamaka’? Or? Let’s see how the reviews are on Twitter..

A user commented that the first half of Dhamaka was very entertaining and Ravi Teja’s character reminded him of his old films. It is said that along with Ravi Teja’s looks and energetic performance, heroine Srileela is a plus for the movie. Bheems Cicerolio praises the background music as well as the rerecording. But they say that the story is predictable and the screenplay is average. However, it is clear that you can see it once.

Another user posted that the second half has the same old flat screenplay with majority of comedy scenes. But the songs, action part and climax are very good.. He clarified that there is a small surprise for the fans. Overall, it is said to have got a good commercial hit from director Trinatha Rao.

In another post, a fan commented that he could not expect the film to be like this. He was excited that Ravanna played poker in a double impact role. After Don Seenu, this is the full length entertainer in the range, and Venky days back is a blockbuster. It seems that if Ravi Teja has a serious role, the other role will be entertaining.

Fans are of the opinion that Mass Maharaja, who has been hit by a series of flops recently, has got a hit track with this ‘Dhamaka’ movie. Although there are draw backs here and there in the film, they will all be swept away in the entertainment storm. The openings are also amazing. But the actual talk will come out depending on the first day collections and trade analysis. After this movie, Ravi Teja’s lineup includes Tiger Nageswara Rao and Ravana movies.

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