Dandalaiya.. Dandalaiya!.. Darling Prabhas who never forgets his fans even in pain

Rebel star Krishnam Raju’s last rituals ended on Monday. The Telangana government conducted the funeral with official ceremonies and paid tributes. But Prabhas, even in such grief, thought for the fans who participated in his father’s last journey. Everyone who came should eat and go, darlings, he said. To this extent, netizens are praising Prabhas.

They are saying Dandalaiya Dandalaiya that the dialogue of Raje wherever he is will be set only for you. Even in all the pain, everyone is thinking of filling the stomach of the fans. To this extent, Prabhas’ videos are becoming viral on the net.

As usual, the entire Prabhas family also gives importance to hospitality. She thinks about filling everyone’s stomach. Prabhas.. takes enough food from home for everyone on his sets. So he prepares a good meal for everyone on the set.

Even now, Prabhas thought about all the fans who flocked for Krishna Raju. Prabhas thought of his fans very lovingly saying, everyone eat and go darlings. It is known that Krishna Raj breathed his last around three o’clock on Sunday morning. With the death of Krishnamraju, the film industry has cast a shadow of sadness. All the celebrities of Tollywood also paid their respects to the mortal body of Krishnamraj.

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