Dahanam Trailer – Movies like this come once in ten years: Aditya Om

Dahanam Trailer – Movies like this come once in ten years: Aditya Om
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Telugu audience needs no introduction about actor Aditya Om. Aditya Om entered the Telugu film industry with the movie ‘Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo’ directed by YVS Chaudhary. After that he acted in many Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films. He played villain roles instead of being a hero. In 2018, he directed the Hindi film ‘Masab’ and revealed another talent in him.

However, after a long gap in Telugu, the film is coming with Aditya Om as the hero. Aditya Om is coming to the audience with the movie ‘Dahanam’ on 31st of this month. This movie has already won six international film festival awards. The film is directed by Adari Murthy Sai and produced by Dr. Petakamshetty Satish Kumar under the banner of Open Field Media. As the release date of the film is approaching, a trailer launch event was held in Hyderabad as part of the film’s promotion. YVS Chaudhary, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Hero Aditya Om, Director Adari Murthysai, Producer Dr. Petakamshetty Satish Kumar and others participated in this program.

Tammareddy, Aditya Om and others at ‘Dahanam’ trailer launch event

On this occasion, Aditya Om said that films are released every Friday, but films like ‘Dahanam’ come every five or ten years. He thanked his director and producers for making this movie so great. ‘They took such a big risk. This is not a commercial project. A project taken with passion,’ said Aditya Om.

Director Adari Murthy Sai said.. ‘This is a story that says that water, fire and wind will be needed in the present, past and future times. Bhairagi in the cremation wants to touch the Shiva Linga. Aditya Om’s character has a desire to worship the Shiva temple which has been closed for generations. Bhupathi is seen in the role of wanting to own the property of his ancestors and the temple in it. The story revolves around these three characters.

Dahanam Pre Release Event

‘Dahanam’ trailer launch event

Producer Dr. Petakamshetty Satish Kumar said.. ‘I have spoken on many international platforms professionally as a doctor. But this is the first time speaking at a film event. I heard this story during Corona. I liked it and made the film. I like music since childhood. First I came to give lyrics and music for this movie. Finally I became a producer. Along with my profession, also support my instincts’. All the guests who participated in this program wished the film a good success.

When it comes to the trailer of ‘Dahanam’.. ‘I have never known anything other than the constant meditation of Lord Shiva, the name of Lord Shiva since my childhood. He is all life. The trailer that starts with the dialogue ‘This temple is my body, that Shiva is my soul’ is thought-provoking. ‘The fire you burn in the pyre.. is the only form of light I give for God. Aditya’s dialogues saying ‘meanings are different’ are arousing interest in the film. If you watch the trailer, you can understand that ‘Dahanam’ is a story that takes place around Bhairagi, Pujari and village head. It is clear that a good social message is going to be given.

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