Chris Hemsworth: Hollywood actor in SSMB 29.. Jakkanna’s master plan Keka

Our Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Fans (Mahesh Babu Fans) got a kicking news. They are feeling very happy with the updates coming about the movies that Nettinta Mahesh is doing. Do you know the secret behind the happiness of Mahesh’s fans!.. About the film he is going to do with Rajamouli. Jakkanna, who has been releasing every movie in the next range, is directing this movie and everyone is eagerly waiting for it.

Right from the beginning, Rajamouli is taking great care in the matter of Mahesh’s next film. There are already reports that the Hollywood firm has joined hands with Creative Artist Agency (CAA). The company convinces famous Hollywood actors to act in the film. When it is known that a strong deal has been signed with this company, everyone thinks that the movie will be in the Hollywood range. Now adding strength to this, another news is going viral. That is.. Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth), who acted as a hero in the movie Thor, is going to be a guest in the Mahesh-Rajamouli movie. And we have to wait for some years to know the truth about this.


Rajamouli is planning to do an action movie like James Bond and Indiana Jones with Mahesh. Recently, the director announced at the Toronto Film Festival that SSMB 29 is going to be released as a global action thriller. Rajamouli and Vijayendra Prasad are currently busy making the story. It is said that SSMB will go up to 29 sets in summer next year or after summer. KL Narayana will produce this film under Durga Arts banner.

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