Chiranjeevi: Rashmika Mandanna: Rashmika Mandanna with Chiranjeevi! .. Is this true? Anti Netizens Setairs – buzz is that rashmika mandanna with chiranjeevi in ​​venky kudumula movie


  • Rashmi pair with Chiru
  • Controversy over Venky dumplings project
  • Netizens’ satires on social media

Megastar Chiranjeevi Movies in a row are saying okay. Already three of the four projects are on the sets. But recently a crazy news came out. Venky Dumplings In between came the talk that Chiru had said OK to a movie he was directing. That is why Chiranjeevi came together two or three times in between. But the latest news is that the tribe is circulating on Netflix. That’s what Chiranjeevi is going to do under the direction of Venky Dumplings Rashmika Mandanna Information that was fixed as the heroine.

However, Chiranjeevi has now completed the film Acharya. Lucifer’s remake of Godfather on the sets. Recently, he started Bhola Shankar, a remake of Vedalam. He then begins shooting for an upcoming film directed by Bobby. Once all this is done the new movie will have to start.

That means Chiru is likely to launch another new film later next year. It seems that the movie is almost done with Venky Dumplings, in which Rashmi is taken as the heroine. However netizens are laughing as rumors come out on this combination. Fathers as daughters, grandfathers as grandchildren? There are so many types it’s hard to say.

Similar comments are heard when this news comes out as a small rumor. If this is true .. what will the story be like if Repo Mapo announces that it is official .. Talk that this movie will be produced by DVV Entertainments.

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