chiranjeevi: Rashmi Gautam: Golden offer to Rashmi Gautam .. Chance in Megastar movie – rashmi gautam in chiranjeevi bhola shankar


  • Golden Chance for Rashmi Gautam
  • Chance in a megastar movie
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Started her career as a cine actress Rashmi Gautam.. became a very big star on television. Rashmi Gautam is in the front row of the anchors who gave a glamor treat to the television shows. However, this sale is not limited to TV but is also seen in Adapa Dadapa movies. According to the latest information, Rashmi Gautam has got another golden offer. Megastar Chiranjeevi Talk that Rashmi Gautam will be seen in Bhola Shankar, which is being screened under the direction of Mehr Ramesh as the hero. The action scenes are filmed on a special set. This will be followed by a song. It is reported that Rashmi Gautam will be performing in this song. While starring in movies is nothing new to Rashmi Gautam, there is no doubt that megastar Chiranjeevi has a unique identity in cinema.

It is a remake of the Tamil movie ‘Vedalam’. Chiranjeevi is playing the role played by Ajith. Chiranjeevi is going to appear in a shaved look for the flashback episode. Chiranjeevi has ever done a shaved look test. At that time, the tribe with the shaved look of Chiranjeevi went viral. Another star heroine Kirti Suresh will be seen in the role of Chiranjeevi’s younger sister in this movie which stars MilkyBeauty Tamanna as the heroine. Kolkata Sister Sentiment is an elastic film. The main story is about what the hero did to save his little sister from the clutches of the villains. Anil Sunkara is producing the film under the banner of AK Entertainments.

Chiranjeevi Acharya has already completed the film. It will be released on February 4th. Now the Lucifer remake directed by Mohan Raja is starring in Godfather. The film is nearing completion. It also stars Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The movie opens with a good star cast like Nayantara and Sathyadev. Apart from all these, Chiranjeevi has started another film under the direction of Bobby. Chiranjeevi is rushing with speed that even the original boy heroes did not think of. If all goes as planned next year, Megastar is all set to make a splash at the box office with three films.

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