Chiranjeevi: Our big direction! .. Brahmaji comments on Chiranjeevi .. Controversy on Twitter – actor brahmaji on chiranjeevi at yoda lifeline diagnostic center opening


  • Inauguration of Yodha Lifeline Diagnostic Center
  • Chiru patriarchy for ‘our’ members, 24 Crafts
  • Bustle with Brahmaji comments on Megastar

Megastar Chiranjeevi Wouldn’t he do it if someone asked him for help? Would such a Chiranjeevi himself not listen to the pleas and pleas of others? Do not put into practice. Chiranjeevi, who participated in the inauguration of Yodha Lifeline Diagnostic Center on Wednesday, asked for help on behalf of all the actors and technicians in the industry. Everyone asked for help in advance. Do our members at this diagnostic center take steps to do anything good for everyone involved in 24 Crafts? Chiranjeevi asked.

That was immediately received by Mike, the owner of the Warrior Lifeline Diagnostic Center. Announced a fifty percent discount for everyone. Everyone is excited about this. Mega fans are commenting that taking the initiative for everyone like this and asking in front of everyone is a big feature, hence it is said to be a big direction for the industry.

Fresh though Brahmaji Responded on the same subject. When Chiru asked that, Brahmaji immediately responded by giving the other person a fifty per cent discount. He raised his hand and shared the emoji that was our big direction. However, various comments started under Brahmaji’s tweet. Some say that he is a big direction for everyone .. Others are commenting that the bhajan has started. Is it normal? Or Movie Artist Ma Na? Suspicion is also being cast on another. All in all, Brahmaji’s tweet impressed everyone.

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