Chiranjeevi – Oscars: Moments all Indians are proud of..Goose bums came: Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi – Oscars: Moments all Indians are proud of..Goose bums came: Chiranjeevi
RRR movie – Naatu Naatu: “Now in terms of cinema, with RRR movie, Telugu cinema is known not only in the country, but all over the world. Megastar Chiranjeevi expressed his happiness when he saw everyone giving a standing ovation to Natu Natu’s live performance. The Natu Natu song in the movie RRR won an Oscar. RRR became the first film in the history of Telugu cinema to win an Oscar. Natu Natu became an Oscar winner in the original song category. Megastar Chiranjeevi said on this occasion..

“I’m very happy that RRR got the Oscar. A moment every Indian should be proud of. My heartfelt congratulations to Rajamouligari, Keeravanigari, Chandra Bosegari who wrote the song, Rahul Sipliganj and Kala Bhairava who sang the song along with Tarak and Charan. Special congratulations to the visionary director Rajamouli who brought historic glory to Indian cinema. It is a matter of pride for our family and us that Charan is also a part of it.

It is not right to give the Oscar for Natu Natu song to Charan. Belongs to all. A lot of people worked hard to take it to the Oscars. RRR was created to show the greatness of our country to the world. Everyone worked very diligently. All of them combined became the reason for us to get the award. We are very confident that the Oscar award will come. Because Golden Globe Award, Hollywood Critics Association Award came. Live performance was given opportunity on the stage. I felt that Oscar has a chance if he is given that chance.

There was an unknown tension. Even if you genuinely want to give it to someone else for some reason, you can give it. It is happiness to give to anyone. But I think it is a great historical achievement for us to get an Oscar. I am happy as a father when my son is growing to a higher level. And as a moviegoer, I sincerely congratulate Rajamouli for the attention he has taken. I am proud. Once upon a time, Telugu was not known as a single language in India. Because of some movies like Shankarabharanam, it is known that Telugu cinema exists from Madrasi level. I have also said many times that we do not get the recognition we deserve,” he said.

RRR.. an Oscar winner. Natu Natu song was given Oscar award. There is a lot of joy on Natu Natu receiving this award in the original song category. In the history of Telugu cinema spanning more than eight decades, this is a world-class recognition that no Telugu film has received so far. All the Telugu people are expressing happiness over this. RRR team is congratulated by fans as well as film celebrities and politicians. RRR is also the first Indian feature film to win an Oscar.

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