Chiranjeevi: My breath.. heartbeat is all you.. I can’t repay your debt in this life: Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi (Chiranjeevi).. As long as there is a Telugu film industry, this name will keep ringing. Giving a new interpretation to acting.. He is an actor who competes with himself in any role. Konidela Sivashankara Varaprasad came from a simple family and became the number one hero in Tollywood. But before becoming a hero, the movie world knows that he played side characters and villains. Pranam Khareedu was the movie that introduced the megastar to the industry. It has been 44 years since the release of this movie.

On this occasion, Chiranjeevi posted on social media. ‘This Chiranjeevi you know.. the day of birth as Chiranjeevi.. Today is 22nd September 1978. Through the movie Pranam Kharidu I gave life. He wrote that I cannot repay the debt of the fans who have supported and supported me so much in this life.. Your eternal life..’

In this movie, Chiranjeevi will be seen with a scarf around his neck. Acting in the role of Narasiah in this film, he impressed everyone with his first film. This movie directed by K.Vasu was a super hit at that time. While searching for a new guy for the role of Narasiya, Prem Kumar, who was an associate director at that time, selected Chiranjeevi after he sent his photos. After that, the make-up test was the same and Megastar’s debut took place.

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