Chiranjeevi is a big direction for the film industry .. Chiranjeevi Hospital for film workers

The film festival was held on Sunday under the auspices of the Telugu Film Federation at the Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Stadium in Hyderabad. The event was attended by Union Minister Kishan Reddy, Telangana, AP ministers, Telugu film industry dignitaries including megastar Chiranjeevi and other dignitaries like Dil Raju. In it, Thalassani made some comments on who is the big direction for the Telugu film industry. It is a privilege to address Chiranjeevi as a big name in Telugu cinema.

“In the year 1890, May Day was achieved by sacrificing the lives of three lakh workers against those who exploited our blood and our labor. Decided with that fight that every man should be working 8 hours a day no matter how hard he tried. All over the world these labor festivals are being celebrated wonderfully. When it comes to the film industry, thousands of families are film workers. Millions of workers are dependent on the film industry, when combined with their family members. Rokkadite but Dokkadani I know how much the cine workers suffered under the Corona conditions.

The government, led by Chief Minister KCR Gari, is providing all kinds of support to the film industry in Hyderabad. Going forward with always resolving any issues related to the industry. Today, megastar Chiranjeevi is a big direction for the Telugu film industry. No matter how many ups and downs I have come to this level through the cracks, the immortals are moving forward with the idea that this industry should be three flowers six nuts. The Telangana government will be a bulwark against the film industry in all its forms. Telugu film industry has no region. The government is moving forward with a similar approach.


The fifth game required for the cine industry is to embark on programs such as the single window system. The government will take the initiative to set up an program under the auspices of the Labor Department to issue health cards to film workers, among other things. Housing for Chitrapuri Colony workers is underway. We will also build for the homeless. Apart from this, the Telangana government will also provide white ration cards and schemes like Kalyana Lakshmi to the film workers from the east. It was also learned that Chiranjeevi wanted to build a hospital for film workers in the industry. I told Annayya that there was a place to build a hospital and a school in Chitrapuri Colony. Taking his initiative will be an attempt to enlighten the lives of thousands, ”said Telangana Cinematography Minister Talsani Srinivasa Yadav.