chiranjeevi help: Shiva Shankar: Megastar Chiranjeevi donates Rs. 3 lakhs help – megastar chiranjeevi helped shiva shankar master family with rs 3 lakhs

Megastar is always at the forefront of helping filmmakers Chiranjeevi Once again he expressed his good mind. Leading choreographer from Tollywood Shiva Shankar Master Corona is being treated on a ventilator in critical care at AIG Hospital in Gatchibauli. Unfortunately his wife also has a corona infection and she stays at home coverage on the house. Shiva Shankar Master’s eldest son is also being treated on a ventilator as he has a corona infection. Shiva Shankar Master’s youngest son Ajay asked the cine elders to help him as the family was spending lakhs of rupees a day for treatment. As soon as he came to know about the matter, Chiranjeevi phoned Ajay and called him home. Megastar Chiranjeevi Shiva Shankar handed over a check of Rs 3 lakh to the master family for immediate relief. Also asked for full details regarding the medicine. Shiva Shankar dared to tell the master that we were all there.

After taking a check with Chiranjeevi, Ajay said, “As soon as Chiranjeevi found out that his father was ill, he called him. A check for Rs 3 lakh was handed over for immediate relief. Chiranjeevi is very fond of my father. My father made films with Chiranjeevi. Nannagaru also worked with Chiranjeevi in ​​the recent film Acharya. I need every rupee a lot at a time like this. I am forever indebted to Chiranjeevi for his unforgettable help, ”he said.

Chiranjeevi, who set up an organization called CCC during Corona, not only stood by the film industry but also raised donations from others in the film industry. In addition to providing essential items, vaccinations were given. Providing oxygen for those who have trouble with the corona. In addition, financial assistance was also provided to many people. It was during this sequence that Chiranjeevi came to know about Shiva Shankar Master and immediately provided financial assistance of three lakh rupees.

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