chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi’s mind is disturbed .. Bandla Ganesh request to help – chiranjeevi bandla ganesh reactions on tirupathi rains

It is known that Tirupati is being hit hard by heavy rains. Varuna consecrated at the Tirumala Tirupati Shrine like never before. The water is flowing like a river through the streams of the seven hills of Thirumala. The road was also badly damaged by torrential rains. Landslides are breaking. The streets of Thirumala Madha are flooded. With this, the traffic to Thirumala was closed. Due to the rains, the people of Tirupati along with the devotees on Tirumala Hill are also in trouble.

Megastar on the situation at the Tirumala Tirupati Temple in this context Chiranjeevi Responded as a social media platform. He said it was disturbing to see the locals facing difficulties due to heavy rains. “Devotees in Tirumala Tirupati are worried about the plight of the locals due to the unprecedented heavy rains. The state government should work collectively with the TTDs to restore normalcy as soon as possible. I want all political parties and fan clubs to do the same, ”Chiranjeevi said.

Similarly to the devastation that rain is creating in Tirupati Bandla Ganesh Reacting, he said, “I urge the state government, the TTD, all political parties and allies to take all possible help and measures to restore normalcy.”
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No more Manchu Lakshmi Also reacting to the floods in Tirupati .. He appealed to the people not to go to Tirupati now saying that the conditions in Tirupati Tirumala have changed drastically due to heavy rains. Nature is furious. Manchu Lakshmi shared a video to make people around Tirupati aware of the situation there, telling them to be careful.

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