Chiranjeevi: ‘Acharya’ collects three days .. Mega disaster

‘Acharya’ is the latest movie starring megastar Chiranjeevi and mega power star Ram Charan. The film, directed by star director Koratala Shiva, was released on April 29. Formed in a crazy combination, the film received rave reviews. However, after the release of ‘Acharya’, the film failed to impress both the fans and the audience. The movie did not get the expected talk from the first game at the box office. There seems to be no connection between the collections on the first day and the collections on the third day. ‘Acharya’ grossed Rs 70.65 crore in three days and garnered Rs 45.65 crore in share collections.

‘Acharya’ three day collection details ..

Nizam – Rs. 11.56 crores

Seeded – Rs. 5.87 crores

Uttarandhra – Rs. 4.68 crores

East – Rs. 3.18 crores

West – Rs. 3.27 crores

Guntur – Rs. 4.52 crores

Krishna – Rs. 2.84 crores

Nellore – 2.80 crores

In the two Telugu states, Rs. 38.72 crore share collections. In Karnataka, it was Rs 2.45 crore in Restof India and Rs 4.35 crore in overseas. That is The stock traded at Rs 45.52 crore for three days. In terms of gross, it was Rs 70.65 crore.

Acharya collections

The talk coming from distributors is that this week’s movie collections may not be as expected. If the film is to be a hit, the film has to achieve a break even of Rs 135 crore. Looking at the situation now it seems that there is not much of a scene. Trade circles are calling Acharya movie a mega disaster.