Chandra Mohan was in tears after losing property of Rs 100 crores but did not listen to Sobhan Babu

175 movies as a hero..And as a character artist, he is an actor who has acted in many wonderful roles and impressed Chandra Mohan. Now he is staying away from the film industry. Living a peaceful life with family members. In a recent interview, he informed many interesting things. Chandra Mohan Sathimani Jalandhara is also a famous writer. She revealed interesting facts about her husband Chandra Mohan. Chandra Mohan was considered a lucky star by the heroines of that time. He used to take even one rupee with his hand. Even now, on the first day of January, many people come home and take money like that,” said Jalandhara. Hearing his wife’s words, Chandra Mohan became emotional and burst into tears.

And Chandra Mohan said, “I did not listen to Shobhan Babu. Because of that I lost property worth Rs.100 crores. I bought a 35 acre vineyard after hearing the words of Gollapudi Maruthi Raogar near Kompally. But I could not manage it and sold it. I also sold fifteen acres in Chennai. I bought six acres near Shamshabad. I sold that too. I have not heard from Sobhan Babu. I lost property worth Rs. 100 crore,” said Chandra Mohan.

Chandra Mohan named various characters. Although the entire industry came from Chennai to Hyderabad, he settled in Chennai. Most of his properties are in Chennai. If someone calls him and gives him a disguise, he will come to Hyderabad.

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