Can’t judge Prabhas by looking at his cellphone: Dil Raju

Adipurush: Famous producer Dil Raju said that he liked the teaser of Pan India Star Prabhas’ movie ‘Adipurush’ very much. He said this while addressing the trolls on the ‘Adipurush’ teaser. The ‘Adipurush’ team screened the 3D teaser for the media at AMB Cinemas in Hyderabad on Thursday. Later, a press meet was also held. Hero Prabhas, director Om Raut and producer Bhushan Kumar participated in this press meet. Dil Raju, who participated as a guest in this program, responded to the teaser trolls.

“We watched the Baahubali Part 1 show at 12 pm at Sriramulu Theatre. After watching the movie, everyone was trolling. In the scene of lifting Shivalinga, Jandubam was used instead of Linga and trolled for the first two days. But, the night after watching the movie, I called Prabhas and told him that it was a super hit. No, said Bhayya. Dil Raju said, “You are a wet cloth and you are a super hit.”
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Dil Raju said that movies like ‘Adipurush’ should be experienced… You can’t judge it by watching it on a cell phone or anywhere else. They said that when VFX movies come out, they can experience it only by watching it in a theater with a full crowd. He revealed that ‘Adipurush’ is also such a movie. He said that he has already told the director along with Prabhas that the film will create a sensation on January 12.

“After watching the teaser on my phone, I went home and watched the 65-inch TV. Had the same feeling. I came to the theater today and saw it in 3D. I felt even more thrilled. Whistles when the visuals come and fall on it. ‘Adipurush’ is a movie to be experienced. Story is also trying to take an episode from Ramayana and present it to today’s audience. A lot of discussion on this too.. Is Ravana like this? Why does Ravana attack the bird? Shouldn’t he come on a flower chariot? They did an experiment to see what to show today’s audience. I know a little of its back story. This movie is going to be a big success on January 12. Dil Raju said that there is no doubt about it.

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