Boyapati Srinu: AKHANDA Pre Release Event: Balayya Bhujaniki Gayam .. Asalu Sangati Cheppina Boyapati – boyapati srinu on nandamuri balakrishna in akhanda pre release event


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Nandamuri Balakrishna, coming in Boyapati combination Akhanda Everyone knows how many expectations there are on the film. Sinha is coming to hit for the third time happily after Legend. The pre-release event of the film, which is coming up on December 2, was held today at the Shilpa Art Venue in Hyderabad. Rajamouli and Allu Arjun were the chief guests at the event. The film unit also participated in the event.

Producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy said .. ‘Thanks to Rajamouli and Allu Arjun for coming to the event as they were called. I look forward to seeing you all. Saying sorry. I wanted to take it out the door. But the weather was not good and it was raining. Balayya is very beautiful in this movie. Thanks to everyone who worked for the film. The movie is coming out to all of you on December 2nd. How is March 2020 .. I stopped watching movies in the theater. It had a break. We’re starting that break all over again. A Legacy Pushpa Raj or RRR will carry forward. The old days will come again. There is no corona fear in the South. Corona fear in the North should be dispelled with RRR. Not even God can stop the sufferer. That’s why Bunny gets success. The movie starts. The fair starts. Let’s meet again at Success Meet. ‘

Boyapati Srinu Saying .. ‘Jai Balayya .. is what I keep saying. Time will tell so I speak less. Thanks to everyone who came to wish and bless this event. Special thanks to Bunny and Rajamouli. If a good film is made, the Telugu audience will always appreciate it. Put your hand on your heart and come out .. We are coming to you with a good movie. ‘Ask God to have mercy .. Ask to appear’ is the dialogue.

Dance masters Bhanu and Shankar composed the song. The first two fights .. by Ram Laxman. Later stunt Shiva, Kevin, Steven traveled with us. Thaman provided wonderful songs. Hotsaf to producers in the industry. Thanks to our filmmaker who has been behind us for 21 months. Balakrishna’s hand is the reason for this. After the song .. Stretching should be done. However, Jai Balayya went home after the song and while he was stretching .. he slipped and fell.

The shoulder weighed on yours. The shoulder became dislocated. But I’m already set with hundreds. I knew this thing at night. My heart skipped a beat. I told him to stop the song when he came to the set in the morning. But Balayya should do it for the fans .. he said he will. Think Babu .. I will not settle down after landing. But Balayya agreed. My fans are going to know how to do it if not Mass Song. Without a hand .. This is a song tied inside. He sang with Shoulder Pain. I am so happy to share this stage.

Bunny Babu has helped to go from assistant director to director. After that he made a career star .. Balayya Babu is the reason for growing so high. It was a pleasure to talk like this in front of both of them. Akhanda will be released on December 2. How much encouragement is Bunny giving today .. Pushpa should release the December 17 release with the same energy. Together we must drive the RRR forward. Bhimla Nayak should be led forward. I did not want to win with Akhanda .. I wanted to win the movie.

Sukumar should not win .. Pushpa should win. The movie itself should win. I have to thank the drivers’ union, the food production boys, the set assistants who walked with me in the crocodile zone, the art department, my fight master, my light officers. My Camera Assistants. Karnataka Forest, Police .. Departments Thanks a lot. Thanks to all Nandamuri fans. The movie which is opening after many days could not give entry to some people .. should be kept in the hearth .. but not placed in the stadium .. sorry .. be very careful while going .. if you drink ant .. we feel like we have been bitten by a snake. Be careful .. Your Boyapati Srinu ‘said.

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