Bonikapur, RJV’s reaction on Mahesh’s comments correct ..!

The latest movie Sarkar starring Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu as the hero has brought their latest hit talk to the audience. The films are being produced by a producer on the one hand while acting as a hero on the other. The latest movie to be produced is Major. The film is based on the life story of Major Sandeep Unnikrishna and stars Adavi Shesh as the hero. Promotions for the film, which is set to release, have begun. In this context, a theatrical trailer was recently released.

On this occasion, Mahesh Babu said that Bollywood could not bear, he did not make films there. As a result, these comments have become a hot topic in Tollywood and Bollywood industries. In separate interviews, Bollywood filmmakers questioned Bonikapur and sensational director Ram Gopal Varma. Commenting on Mahesh’s comment, Bonikapur said, “I am not the right person to respond to Mahesh’s comments. I’m from the north as well as the south. I have already produced films in Telugu and Tamil. I am going to make films in Kannada and Malayalam soon. So I can not make any comments on this matter. Mahesh felt he had the right to speak. He may feel that Bollywood has not tolerated him. Mahesh may also have good reasons for saying so. Whose opinion is theirs’ he said.

Mahesh Babu

RGV said the same thing .. ‘Mahesh’ words are not to be mistaken. Because, where to make movies, what kind of stories to choose .. is his own decision as an actor. However, he did not understand Mahesh’s remarks that Bollywood could not bear him. Bollywood is not just a company. Verma said that the name was created by the media.

In fact, despite Mahesh commenting on his comments, the Bollywood media does not think it’s so easy to spread the word.