Bittiri Satti: Bittiri Satti who owns an expensive Range Rover car.

Bitthiri Satthi.. Those who follow programs, some interviews and movies on Telugu TV channels do not need to introduce this name. Bittiri Satti’s real name is Ravi Kumar. He has created a unique image for himself with a different style of anchoring. Bitthiri Satthi has earned an image for herself by hosting a variety of news programs. With this, popular TV channels gave him offers. He acted in some movies while conducting his own brand of TV shows. Gunung Ramudu (Tupaki Ramudu) appeared as a hero with the movie. Satthi who is full busy is now working independently.

Bitthiri Satthi is doing special interviews related to big movies. Bitthiri Satthi’s comedy angle is well received for these interviews which make everyone laugh. Also comes good remuneration. Whatever.. this Dasara festival is going to be memorable in his life. Because on this Dussehra day, Bitthiri Satthi bought a new Range Rover car. The price of this car is Rs.2.5 to Rs. It is said that it will be up to 4 crores. Some people in the film circles are talking that buying such a car is not a normal thing.

Bittiri satti car

Bitthiri Satthi, who bought a new car on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami. Now the photos are going viral. This is a fully automated version.

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