Bimbisara : This is the success of film industry.. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s emotional post on the success of Bimbisara

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram starrer bimbisara got blockbuster talk. Bimbisara and Sitaram have received positive talk for the two films released this Friday. But in terms of revenue, Bimbisara is ahead as it has become a mass film. House full boards are already everywhere. And Sitaram’s movie is now recovering. While one was liked by the class audience, the other one hooked the masses.

Kalyan Ram became very happy with the success of his film. He left a press note to this effect. He said that when he heard the story of Bimbisara, he got very excited and wanted to show this story to everyone as soon as possible. But in the middle, things like Corona and lockdowns are coming.

He said that finally he decided to give Bimbisara a theatrical experience and released it like this. This movie has now received positive vibrations from all sides.. Thanks to all the fans, moviegoers and industry bigwigs who are showering love on this movie. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram said that this success is not only Bimbisara Tindi’s success.

On the first day, Bimbisara was a hit with the collections. It seems that half of the money has been recovered. It is expected to be a double and triple blockbuster as it has recovered half the budget in a single day.

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