Bimbisara: Tarak’s judgment is not changed.. Bandla Ganesh wishes for Bimbisara movie

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram starrer Bimbisara is getting good response from all quarters. As a socio-fantasy, a periodical drama, this film which came in the backdrop of time travel, the audience is going crazy. Director Vassishta says that the taking is amazing. It is said that Kalyan Ram’s acting and MM Keeravani’s background music have taken the film to another level. Meanwhile.. the words of young tiger NTR (Jr NTR) in the pre-release event of this movie are going viral.

Tarak had already said that Bimbisara movie will definitely be a super hit. He said that he is very excited to see the film.. The audience will also feel the same thrill. He said that Kalyan’s career.. Before Bimbisara movie.. After Bimbisara. He said that it is wrong that Kalyan Ram played the role of Bimbisara in this movie.. No one else can do justice to that role. In the pre-release event, Josyam had predicted that Bimbisara movie would definitely be a success.

Fans say that what NTR said about Bimbisara movie is true. Actor and producer Bandla Ganesh also tweeted saying that NTR’s judgment did not change. Congratulations to the team of Bimbisara. What a judgement..NTR your judgment is always excellent..correct’ he wrote. But the netizens are giving a counter to the carts. ‘But your judgment is always wrong. I know you know that too..’ Now this tweet is going viral.

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