Bimbisara Day 1 Collections: ‘Bimbisara’ First Day Collections.. Nandamuri hero who grew a mustache at the box office

Apart from one or two of the films released in the intervening period, the rest did not collect much. The reason for that is that the audience is not coming to the theatres. However, the two films released this week, Bimbisara and Sitaram have become super hits at the box office. Especially for ‘Bimbisara’ (Bimbisara) this movie starring Nandamuri Kalyanram (Nandamuri Kalyanram) has got super duper hit talk. Vashishta directed this movie made with socio fantasy back drop. The film was produced by Harikrishna K under the banner of NTR Arts.

Kalyan Ram showed his power at the box office with the movie ‘Bimbisara’. Rs. Share collections (Bimbisara Collections) came to the tune of 6.3 crores.

Area wise collection details of ‘Bimbisara’..

Nizam – Rs. 2.15 crores

Seeded – Rs. 1.29 crores

Uttarandhra – Rs. 90 lakhs

East – Rs. 43 lakhs

West – Rs. 36 lakhs

Guntur – Rs. 57 lakhs

Krishna – Rs. 34 lakhs

Nellore – Rs. 26 lakhs

A total of Rs. 6.3 crores have come. In the US Rs. 48 lakhs, Karnataka, Restof India Rs. 40 lakhs in share proceeds. Worldwide Rs. 7.08 crore share collections. According to gross receipts Rs. 11.5 crores.

‘Bimbisara’ movie Rs. 16.50 crore pre-release business. If you want to break even, the film will cost Rs. 17 crores should come. On the first day of the film Rs. Producers and distributors are very happy with the share of 7.08 crores.

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