Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Does he deserve a ticket to the Race to Finals?

The competition for the Race to the Finale ticket at the Bigg Boss House began this week among the Housemates. As part of this, the housemates have to face many challenges and earn points. Those who earn the most points like this will win the final ticket. In fact it is a task that is put in every season. Kaushal would have won it if seen in Season 2. Rahul Sipliganj then won Season 3. Season 4 came and Akhil Sardhak owned it. This task between the two friends Sohail Akhil was a highlight last season.

There are currently seven housemates in Season 5 right now. There were four boys and three girls. And who will win the Race to Final ticket? In the recently released promo, the housemates are standing in the ice tub holding the balls. As part of the First Challenge it became interesting who won. Ticket to the finale is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. There are three tasks going on. There is information that Siri, Shriram, Shanmuk and Priyanka went to the medical room in the ice task. It is said that this is due to being in the ice for a long time.

Also, Sunny and Siri had a big fight too. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! It was a tough fight for both Pinky and Manas. Manas finally made his point on Pinky clear. You said I did not like you. Manas, who has been waiting to see where it hurts so far, finally said this. And having been in the game for the past few weeks is filling the house mates with fear. Who will be in the top 5 after Ravi is eliminated? They do not predict who will be eliminated.

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