Bigg Boss Beauty: Bigg Boss beauty Pooja who told the good news.. liplocked to husband in happiness

Actress Pooja Ramachandran, who gained recognition in Telugu four years ago as the Bigg Boss beauty, recently gave a good news to her fans. This cutie, who acted in the movie ‘Swami Rara’ with Nikhil, got married to actor John Koken in 2019. Pooja Ramachandran, who said that she is currently pregnant, revealed that she is going to have a baby next year.

Actually, Pooja Ramachandran got married in 2017. This Bhama who was dating VJ Craig at that time also got married. But.. they got separated after some years. Later, she married John Koken in 2019. Pooja Ramachandran created buzz in Telugu Bisboss in 2018 while doing films. At that time, Bhama, who entered the house with a wild card entry, hooked the youth with her beauty. But she could not stay in the house for a long time.

Although he got good recognition with the movie Swami Rara, Amma didn’t get many movie chances after that. After marriage she was not seen in the industry much. Pooja Ramachandran shared the photos of giving lip lock to her husband while sharing the good news that she is pregnant.

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