Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Was Ravi very upset with the twist given by Bigg Boss ..?

Family members of the participants come and greet everyone as part of the BB Express task at Bigg Boss House. While Manas’s mother Padmini came and made noise in the house, Sunny’s mother’s artist’s birthday celebrations were also held. However, while all the housemates were waiting for Ravi’s daughter Via and Ravi’s wife Nithya, Nithya was the only one to enter the house. Nithya says that if you look at the recent promo, Ravi asked if Via did not come.

Ravi was upset for a long time with this. He said he thought it was coming. Meanwhile, Ravi became emotional with the voice of I Love You Daddy. He ran towards the gate and was overjoyed to see his daughter Viani. Fans are getting fed up with the Ravi expressions given there. Ravi fans and Bigg Boss lovers who saw this promo are all getting very emotional. Ravi is shedding tears over the connection between Viala. Father’s daughter relationship is like this, all those who saw Ravini kissing his daughter are also commenting that water is coming in our cunt.

Now this promo is bursting at the seams. In addition, netizens are commenting that Kaushal’s daughter’s promo in season 2 is reminiscent of the then episode comparing this promo. Ravi was emotional for a long time with the loneliness of seeing his daughter. Bigg Boss tells Viani and Nithya that it’s time to leave the house as she feels happy playing with her daughter in the garden. Via suffered from this. Everyone who saw the baby crying could not bear it. Ravi sent his daughter from Bigg Boss House with a heavy heart.

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