Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Shanmuk re-launches Friendship Hug – Siri ..!

Everyone thought that Shanmuk was still in the Bigg Boss house and broke the story of Siri. Siri’s mother, as well as Shanmuk’s mother came and said directly that you do not like giving hugs. With this, the audience also felt that they had done a good deed. But, again the story became shady. Once you see what happened again between the two of them..Siri came and tried to comfort her when she felt lonely while cooking in Pinky’s kitchen. Ravi said that there was no one to express my pain after he left. I feel like I wrote the same thing in the letter task as well.

As soon as it was over, everyone was talking fun at the dining table. This is where Shanmukh counters Siriki. Go out and I will watch the episode and if there is any difference then I will say, Shanmuk said that even if I suck our papa Deepti will not give you that chance. Siri was hurt by this. From there she went into the Moz Room and sat down and suffered. People should not be valued and should be made sure that it comes from beyond. It hurts to blindly believe everything. After that it will be up to Wadi who should be with Shanmuk.

The class said that Anestav thought simple. Not only that, she said to apologize and never say so again. I will give you a hug later, Shanmuk is afraid that your saleswoman will not come again, baboy. If Siri is giving Hugh, it’s the only friendship the two have given Hugh while having fun there for a while. Again the story seemed to come first. That’s the matter.

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